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"When Phil first introduced me to this new and important understanding it crystallised my fears that the long-standing approach to marketing needed to be fundamentally re-evaluated."
Sean Gogarty. Senior Vice President, Household Care, Unilever

"We know, as one of decode's clients, that their approach is grounded in the reality of managing brands - and it works!"
Chris Barrow. General Manager Marketing, BT plc

"I worked with Phil and decode at T-Mobile on the 'Life is for Sharing' work, and the insight that we arrived at transformed the business.  It gave marketers a deeper level and distinctive insight to develop a creative idea around, it gave a scientific understanding and meaning to our brand that allowed us to measure a tangible performance against, but most importantly it meant our execution just connected with consumers in a way that we had never imagined."
Lysa Hardy, CMO NBTY Europe

"Our implicit motivations drive most of our decisions and actions every day. decode understands this, explains it, and clearly uses this new understanding to the benefit of more effective, action driven, marketing"
Phil Chapman. Vice President Chocolate Category, Mondelez

"The first practical application of Kahneman's Nobel Prize-winning work to everyday marketing - brilliant!"
Paul Fishlock. Founder of ad agency Behaviour Change Partners

"Decode's approach to understanding the DNA of brand communications is, in my experience, unique. More traditional research approaches often take one around the same loops and resolve little because they do not go deep enough in understanding why and how ads work. Decode help articulate the codes from past success that can be deployed in the future."
Andy Porteous. SVP Digital, Foods, Unilever.